I am happy but…

Hi! How are you? It’s day 110. It’s been a while since I wrote you a letter. I used to count 17 days to congratulate you for staying with me. Yet now, I’m counting days and nights of waiting for you to knock at my door. Should I stop?

It’s funny that I still want you even though it’s obvious that you’re not interested in me. As the saying goes, you’ll know someone’s interest based on their given efforts. And yeah, it’s clearly concluded that I am hoping for nothing.

In denial that you already have someone new to fill the empty space I have left in your heart, here I am happy yet broken. I never expect that it’s possible to be happy yet devastated at the same time!

I am happy that someone has filled my spot in an instant. I am happy that I know you will do your best not to lose her. I am happy that you have known how refreshing it was to have a new environment and discover what else you can do. I am happy that you will be able to explore and do the things that I haven’t given you the chance to do. I am happy that I was right that you can do these things because I believe you can do so. I am happy that I know you will be happier without any pressure at all.

Sadness is felt because I know I am selfish enough to dream that it was me. I am broken because I wish you did all those things with me. I am in grief because I beg you to do those things. I am sad that I did not give you the chance to express yourself and just let you love me in your own ways. I am sad because I still want you yet I let you go just because I believe you can do greater things without me. I am sad that you did not fight for me and let me feel I was not good enough.

You told me to stop saying it was for me. But I know time will come you will realize what I meant and thank me in your head sooner or later. I have given you so much freedom that you will definitely enjoy.

I understand why you did not try to knock at my door. I understand how you hated me. How you blame me for choosing to let you go and not finding a solution. I understand how you feel at ease as well for being free with my rules, wants, needs and demands. I understand that you won’t utter my name because all you can remember is the pain I have caused you during the break up.

What I don’t understand is the last time we talked. I have given you the chance to tell me everything. I have exerted an effort for us to meet and try to fix everything. You let me feel I still have you, but I was wrong. You hugged me for the last time. It was the first time you hugged me tight in public that lasts within 10seconds that I felt weird. 

And yes, it was the last.  

I have known the answer why you’re gone by the wind after I rode the bus home. You used to wait for the bus to go, but then you were gone. I did not see you. It was you saying goodbye.

Well, I am not blaming you. Just because I know my faults and errs and I won’t be a hypocrite if I tell the world that I did nothing wrong. I won’t blame you for not trying to understand how I try to stand and fix myself after all the storms I am having personally. I was wrong for acting strong that I let you feel I don’t need you. For all those hurtful words and out of nowhere conflicts that you feel like it was always your fault. My way of telling you I need you was wrong. I miscommunicate a lot. That I made you become so afraid to ask how I was.

I wished I replied when I have felt how painful it was for you. I wished I have swallowed my pride. But yeah, it just happened. And I have to accept that our almost 9 years will be good memories.

I just hope tomorrow I won’t cry remembering you. 

Take care and please take care of her.